White sage, lavender and rosemary

By Sauge
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Clear your mind and personal space of negativity and open pathways with these Sages. The action of burning sage expels spiritual impurities and allows you to enter a healing state of mental, emotional and physical peace.

White sage is considered particularly sacred in Native American tradition because it serves a variety of purposes: to ward off evil spirits, ward off infections, and purify the body. The energy of this spot illuminates and clears stagnant energy and infuses a living vibration. Burning sage can be a blessing for people with asthma, allergies, bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Wait for the smoke to clear before entering the room.

Carefully picked and prepared by skilled workers who hand tie each bundle one by one.

Light your sage stick and let it burn for a few seconds. Blow to extinguish the flame and let the smoke purify your space. Remember to open your windows when using it.
You can also cut small pieces of sage, light them and place them in a ceramic dish or a scallop shell.
Then use a feather (or your hand) to direct the smoke.
To extinguish the stick, crush the ember end at the bottom of the shell.
Before storing the sage stick for next use, make sure it is extinguished.


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