The Nad Yut House is the extension of my own apartment. The house of my dreams in a way, you know the one you imagine in your head and which you transform - and expand - to infinity. A bubble of well-being where I collect all my beautiful finds… And above all, it is a place of sharing, exchange and creation with a door always open to welcome friends! "

Dan Thuy Nguyen, Founder of Maison Nad Yut

Our history

It all starts with the desire to take a break and go to the other side of the world. Discover heavenly places and meet inspiring people. And then, without expecting it, we miss the house a little... This place where memories are created, and projects come to life.

Passionate about decoration and furniture since always and after years spent hunting for new finds, I wanted to go back to basics and create a universe apart starting with the house of my dreams: a cozy and different place. , where life is good, imagined as a real house. To feel good, again, at home.

Back in Paris, this desire becomes obvious. Leave everything to create Nad Yut, a concept around the art of living dedicated to tribes. Our first place: La Maison Nad Yut, a confidential address in a small tree-lined courtyard, with a soft and cocooning universe.

The Taste of the Essential

The smells of croissants in the morning, friends dropping by for an aperitif, a good book in bed, impromptu dinners...

This is our vision of La Maison. A place full of life where your memories are created and your projects take shape. Shelter. A cocoon. It is in this spirit that we created our first place: La Maison Nad Yut, a place where life is good. More than just a shop, it's a place to get inspired, find new decoration ideas and discuss. A friendly place away from the noise and bustle of the street, thought of as a real home.

Here, you come to get inspired, to try, to touch, … Come and taste a homemade cake in the kitchen, pick up decorating ideas in the living room or try organic cosmetics in the bathroom. And leave with it if you like!

Our source of inspiration: natural materials, functional design, objects that tell a story. Our desire: to highlight pieces and products worked by craftsmen, designers and creators who will bring this extra soul to your interiors. Our credo: beauty, yes, but to live in!

Welcome to the house. Come meet us and give yourself an inspirational shoot. Leave with ideas and pretty finds to create Your Home.

Dan Thuy Nguyen,

Founder Nad Yut

Nad Yut is first and foremost the story of a free, curious, dreamy and inspiring woman! The story of a little girl who, discovering Paris, said to herself: “one day, I will have a beautiful house here”. Dreams are definitely not invented.

Dan Thuy Nguyen is a bold, resolutely optimistic and positive woman - an entrepreneur at heart.

From a carefree childhood, she will remember overflowing love, a happy and noisy home. Later, desires from elsewhere, this love for Paris, trips to the other side of the world, life-changing encounters, a furious desire to get out of the box and reinvent everyday life. This hodgepodge of life will teach him that madness is sweet, that no fear is worth giving up, that falling is not so serious, that love inspires, that friendship is precious and that above all happiness is tasted daily.

Son Motto: The future belongs to those who dream too much