By Pépin

Olla Water Tank - Pure White

Payment in 3 installments free of charge available for all orders over €150.

This terracotta water reservoir is to be inserted along the plant for optimal water diffusion.

It is designed for large indoor plants, with an autonomy of 6 to 8 days depending on the type of plant.

Olla naturally regulates the flow of water according to the needs of each plant, providing them with optimized hydration.


Handmade in Portugal
Dimensions: 14 x 8 cm
Materials: Terracotta
Capacity: 25 cl

using advice

1 - Plant the Olla in the ground and fill it with water about once a week.
2 - The roots will develop around the Olla and capture water autonomously.
3 - By regulating their own water needs, your plants are healthier!

The brand

Pepin offers elegant objects and natural formulas to take care of your plants with the same attention as you take care of yourself.

A practical routine inspired by ancestral techniques, artisanal know-how and natural ingredients. Perfect for caring for your plants or gifting to those who love to cherish the plants around them.

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