Jam Box - Valentine's Day

Payment in 3 installments free of charge available for all orders over €150.

One box, twice as many delights: containing two sumptuous recipes, an explosion of flavors to offer to your Valentine!

For the occasion, a box set consisting of two best-selling recipes:

  • Raspberry Violet “I love you”: A blend as intense as passionate relationships. Raspberry and violet, an improbable duo, but intoxicating, just like sometimes tumultuous love.

  • Orange Vanilla “Me non plus”: An alliance as astonishing as the opposite charm of couples. Sparkling orange meets the sweetness of vanilla, reminding us that sometimes differences create the best harmony.

A duo to share when you get out of bed or throughout the day while strolling around the house.


      Ingredients :
      Orange Vanilla: Orange, cane sugar, lemon, citrus pectin, vanilla
      Raspberry Violet: Raspberry, cane sugar, lemon, citrus pectin, natural violet flavor
      Weight: 2 jars of 100g
      DLC: 3 years
      Made in Paris

      using advice

      Violet Raspberry: Spread on brioche country bread, in your next cake, or in an orange vanilla panna cotta.

      Orange Vanilla: On a toast, a pancake, a scone, or in a fromage blanc.

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