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Argicru Dried Clay Wine Cellar

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Natural and ecological wine cellar in dried clay.

Argicru creates a modular cellar that is both aesthetic and functional which:
  • Stabilizes temperature & regulates air humidity
  • Prevents vibration & protects against ultrasound
  • Maintains light ventilation & absorbs odors
Made in Brittany, the cellar is 100% natural and recyclable. The Argicru wine rack won the Bronze Medal at the Lépine Competition in 2015.


How it works: Argicru is exclusively made up of raw clay. The water that the clay contains in its nanostructure changes phase at room temperature. This unique functioning of the clay acts as a natural air conditioner and stabilizes the temperature and humidity of the air in the locker.

Modular cellar
Material: Raw clay

Weight: 9 kg per locker

Sold by 6,12, 24 or 32 compartments

Dimension :
Cellar 6 - w: 26 cm, h: 40 cm, d: 39 cm
Cellar 12 - w: 39 cm, h: 52 cm, d: 39 cm
Cellar 24 - w: 52 cm, h: 78 cm, d: 39 cm
Cellar 32 - w: 52 cm, h: 104 cm, d: 39 cm

The price includes the delivery of the lockers to your home!
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Product made to order - 1 to 2 weeks

      Why Argicru?
      • Regulates the temperature
      • Regulates air humidity
      • Horizontal storage
      • Eliminate vibrations
      • Light ventilation
      • Darkness
      • No noise pollution


      • Width: 52 cm
      • Height: 78 cm
      • Depth: 39 cm

      • Modular cellar
      • Material: Raw clay
      • Weight: 9 kg per locker
      • Sold by 6,12, 24 or 32 racks

      Free delivery in mainland France
      Cellar on order, delivery between 1 and 2 weeks.

      When the air temperature increases
      The water contained in the clay evaporates.
      When the air temperature drops
      The ambient humidity recondenses in the clay which restores the heat it had stored.



      Sudden temperature variations are extremely detrimental to the good conservation of wine .

      It is the association of the density and the phase change of the water contained in Argicru which makes it possible to achieve a weighting of these thermal shocks without any time limit.


      The permanent exchange of humidity between the air and the earth allows perfect hygrometric regulation of your cellar.

      When the air temperature increases, the water in the clay evaporates
      ➜ The ambient air is cooled.

      When the air temperature drops, the water that had evaporated recondenses in the clay which then releases the heat it had stored
      ➜ We heat the ambient air.

      This scientifically recognized phenomenon of Adsorption/Desorption acts as a totally natural and perpetual air conditioning.

      Vibration & Ultra-sound

      Vibrations are very detrimental to the proper aging of wine.
      In fact, these permanently release tannins inside the bottle, causing premature aging of the wine.
      The absence of a motor in Argicru allows the wine to flourish in complete serenity without any vibration, without time limit and without energy consumption.
      In addition, Argicru blocks ultrasound, odors and produces no noise, a real pleasure for everyday life.

      Light ventilation

      Humidity and dryness require adequate ventilation of stored bottles, without drafts, to prevent mold and deterioration of caps and labels.

      The darkness

      To properly store and age wine, it is essential to remove any source of light (UV) which causes premature oxidation of the wine to avoid a permanent “taste of light” in your bottles.

      Horizontal storage

      Bottles must be stored horizontally. so that the corks are in contact with the wine and remain airtight.