In his Bordeaux studio, Chanez Boghari imagines timeless pieces with clean lines.
Influenced by both Scandinavian aesthetics and the colors of the Mediterranean, she works with respect for time and craftsmanship, guided by an ecological and responsible approach.
She tells us about her desire to offer refillable handmade candles and gives us her inspirations.

Meeting with the creator of the Labogie brand

Who is hiding behind Labogie?

My name is Chahnez, I'm 32 and I'm from Lille but I've been living in Bordeaux for 3 years. After ten years in Paris, I decided to embark on a world that I have always liked: interior decoration by creating Labogi e.

What are your desires with Labogie?

I created the brand in 2021. When I started Labougie, I had a desire: to innovate in a sector that innovates little by offering a real eco-responsible and artisanal approach. Eco-responsible thanks to a simple and universal refill that can bring ceramics back to life or transform any other container into a candle! Artisanal because we collaborate with independent ceramists who shape all the containers by hand. The candles are then cast by hand by myself in my Bordeaux workshop.

What are your inspirations?

Two completely opposite inspirations but which I love: the atmosphere and the Mediterranean style and the Swedish style, more particularly its art of living: the Lagom. The Lagom consists in finding the right balance in one's life, in its consumption and in its decoration.

New projects soon?

More beautiful and new collaborations with ceramists, and probably new perfumes.
I would also like to develop diffusers and room fragrances with always the possibility of easy refilling.

What is your favorite room in the house?

The kitchen, even if I'm not a big cook, I always find this place very friendly.

Tell us about your latest decoration purchase?

A linen bedding set. Absolute fan!

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