In Normandy, Baptiste Mauritanie designs and manufactures unique and timeless wooden objects and furniture. Influenced by his daily life, his family and the technical universe of creation, he works with respect for time and craftsmanship.

He tells us about his desire to offer useful everyday design objects made with love.

Meeting with the creator of the Gllu brand

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Who is hiding behind Gllu?

I am Baptiste Trouvou, designer cabinetmaker, at the head of Gllu. I am accompanied by a superb team of 7 people made up of Virginie and Grégoire, 2 confirmed cabinetmakers, Roxane, Henri and Elvira, 3 cabinetmakers in apprenticeship, Agathe in communication and Mélissa who helps me with the daily management of the company and of the brand. 

What are your desires with Gllu?

At Gllu, we design and manufacture objects and furniture in solid wood, in our workshop in Normandy. We offer decorative objects and more recently some pieces of furniture. Our products are made to last and be loved. They are unique pieces and our customers make them even more unique thanks to the compositions they create on them. They allow everyone to express their personality and their universe.

What are your inspirations?

I am inspired, both by the daily life I share with my loved ones, but also by the technical world, my workshop and everything in it. In my opinion, creation is trying to make something of what surrounds us, of what we have found beautiful, intelligent, different, striking.

Your favorite products?

I really like Mega Poses because you can place them anywhere. They will go just as well in a kitchen as above a bed or in a hallway. You can put whatever you want in it, small decorative objects, vinyls or books. At the workshop, we will also have fun proposing new modules to make them even more unique. We have also just released mirror modules that can be used in an entrance or a bathroom.

New projects soon?

Of course ! We are currently reworking a product that we already had, the Firmin shelves, to turn them into small bedside shelves. Also, we are always thinking about the next objects. It's a real challenge to continue to offer beautiful pieces made in France and at the right price. For example, we are in the middle of thinking about adding a lamp to our catalog. 

What is your favorite room in the house?

I like the living room, it feels good. It is also the place where you receive, the time to take out your beautiful dishes, light candles and enjoy good house cocktails at the Gimber! 

Tell us about your latest decoration purchase?

We love to hunt! Recently, we bought two vintage hanging lamps - which are still not installed by the way...

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