George Store

In the heart of the Béarnaise countryside, Mylène Niedzialkowski imagines design and timeless objects with clean lines.
Influenced by both brutalist architecture and vegetation, she works with respect for time and craftsmanship, guided by an unnamed delicacy.
She tells us about her desire to offer unique craft pieces and gives us her inspirations.
Meeting with the designer of the Georges Store brand

Who is hiding behind Georges Store?

I am Mylène Niedzialkowski and I founded Georges in 2010. As a child, in Paris, then in Hyères, I made and furnished miniature houses.

My grandmother, an upholsterer, and my grandmother, a jeweller, passed on their taste for making to me. At the age when others learn dancing or music, I learn to handle saws, drills, planers and other tools of all kinds. I also keep a nomadic nature with the need, wherever I go, to create from scratch a familiar universe that can be adapted elsewhere.

What are your desires with Georges Store?

Georges is a space of freedom and experimentation. An autonomous approach in the heart of the Béarnaise countryside which houses our factory. The idea is to offer a complete universe, from small decorative pieces to designer furniture and lighting.

What are your inspirations?

My main sources of inspiration are the vegetation but also the brutalist architecture and the energy of the city. I like to offer pieces full of contrast and delicacy, infused with organic shapes.

What is your favorite product?

The last suspension, La Pensée, with its large brass-trimmed petals, is one of my favourites.

New projects soon?

Georges is taking part in Milan Design Week 2023 with his unique and precious new collection, Saïto. Saïto is a collection of arts and crafts pieces with a particular colorimetry and raw materials that draws its identity from the brutalist movement and the strong lines found in the engraved flat areas of the Japanese artist.

What is your favorite room in the house?

The living room is by far my favorite room because it represents all the possible fields where you can read, play music, lie down to think...

What is your cute sin in decoration?

I hunt a lot, from Scandinavian furniture to 70s pieces. From wood or raw concrete to much more colorful pieces, I am a real accumulator with an artist's profile, my interior is an inspiring mix.

Tell us about your latest decoration purchase?

A perfect 70 sofa for my interior!

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