From the French capital, Solène and Jérémy imagine cold saponified artisanal soaps from organic ingredients.
Influenced by both the Mediterranean style and geometric patterns, they work with respect for the environment and the skin,
following an ecological and responsible approach.

Meeting with the co-creator of the Ciment brand

Who is hiding behind Cement?

We are Solène and Jérémy, we have known each other for a long time and we have always shared this passion for craftsmanship. I then invited Jérémy to make soap at home and after that, we decided to set up our own soap factory!


What are your desires with Cement?

At Ciment, we make cold process soap: we saponify organic oils to make a soap paste rich in moisturizing glycerin with a strong surgras. This allows the skin to be well cared for while washing. Our soaps are also real decorative objects, thanks to their geometric patterns taking up the principle of cement tile.

What are your inspirations?

Cement tiles! In particular those which remind us of the Mediterranean, as in the Andalusian patios where one takes refuge to find freshness in the gentle rhythm of a central fountain. As a general rule, we are really inspired by any graphic and repeatable patterns that would tickle my technical curiosity.

Your favorite product?

Our Kimono soap for the smell of cherry blossoms and its retro floral pattern. We also fell in love with our ultra-nourishing balm, for its addictive texture and fragrance.

New projects soon?

Yes, very nice partnerships with brands and artists that we love like Inès Iglesias are planned and we are also going to create a custom soap for the La Samaritaine department store in Paris!

What is your favorite room in the house?

I'd like to answer the bathroom, for the soaps of course, but if I'm being 100% honest, it's the living room. It is bathed in light and I love spending hours there reading with my loved ones nearby.

Your cute sin in decoration?

I like kitsch postcards. I brought back a 3D one from Brittany which hurts the eyes and which I stuck on the corkboard in the offices of Ciment. That's the advantage of being the boss!

Tell us about your latest decoration purchase?

It's a very beautiful object that I bought as a gift: a ceramic console table from Atelier Polyhèdre, with very pure lines and a red clay color that I love.

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