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Since 2015, Claire Leina has been imagining original and colorful works.
Influenced both by her native Brazil and all her travels, she is guided by the desire to brighten up our daily lives with gentleness.

She tells us the story of this family brand and talks about her inspirations.

Meeting with the creator of the brand All The Ways to Say

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Who is behind All the Ways to Say?

My name is Claire Leina, I am an illustrator, artistic director and young mother. I founded All the Ways to Say in 2015 with my husband Jean-Charles, web developer. It's a family story. He has been supporting and helping me from the beginning, as well as my daughter, Tess, who is always amazed in the midst of all these drawings.

What are your desires with All the Ways to Say?

The All the Ways to Say adventure was born from my passion for illustration and stationery. I imagine and create original watercolor collections, work on color combinations and compositions in my studio. I take care to choose quality materials and papers. Jean-Charles is in charge of developing the brand in France and around the world.

What are your inspirations?

I draw my inspiration from my native Brazil and my childhood spent traveling around the world. I highlight lush, exotic and tropical nature and I like to share it at the rate of two collections a year. Echoing Anglo-Saxon traditions, I imagine illustrations to celebrate each event in life (birthday, wish, birth, wedding...) and brighten up everyone's daily life with originality. Result: lots of plants, plants, rock and sweetness too.

Your favorite products?

The posters, without hesitation! 

What is your favorite room in the house?

My living room, to be with my family with all our animals and plants.

Tell us about your latest decoration purchase?

A sublime round coffee table with 3 cylindrical legs.

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