Suspension Pale Originelle et Précieuse : L'Art Lumineux de Georges Store

Pale Suspension Original and Precious: The Luminous Art of Georges Store

lluminate your interior with the timeless elegance of the Pale Suspension, an iconic creation from Georges Store. In this article, we explore the original and the precious - two lighting fixtures that combine artisanal craftsmanship with refined aesthetics, embodying the passion of their creator, Mylène Niedzialkowski, for sustainable beauty and adaptable design.

The Pale Suspension Original - A Symphony of Materials

The Pale Suspension Original is a masterpiece of craftsmanship where brass, rattan, and fabric meet in a floral and airy dance. Every detail of this eight-petal suspension is meticulously handcrafted in Georges Store's Béarn workshop, a tribute to retro ceiling fans. The adjustable petals invite play with light to create poetic shadows and a soft ambiance, turning each room into a living painting.
La Suspension Pale Originelle
La Suspension Pale Originelle - Naturel -  @_smetiwish
La Suspension Pale Originelle - Nude ombre - @lina_isaksson
La Suspension Pale Originelle - Naturel - @i.tam.i.tu

The Shades of Pale - A Rainbow of Colors

With a palette of seven colors, ranging from Cumin to Alabaster, the Pale Suspension offers perfect harmony with any interior decor. The hues are achieved through the meticulous application of natural pigments, ensuring a rich and deep color that lasts over time.
 Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - @smilzz_france

Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - Un Bijou dans l'Air

The Pale Suspension, The Precious, is Georges Store's answer to those seeking to add sophisticated brilliance to their space. Its brass arches structure the light, creating a contemporary silhouette that can be modified to suit any style. This suspension, like its original counterpart, emits a soft light that plays with space and volumes, thus adding a sculptural dimension to the lighting.
Georges store - Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - Tempête
Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - Tempête - @markelredondo

The Spirit of Georges' Creation

Inspired since childhood by a family heritage of creation, Mylène Niedzialkowski is a storyteller of shapes and materials. Through Georges Store, she shares her vision of design that stands the test of time, a tribute to nature, the robustness of brutalist architecture, and the vibrant soul of cities.
Georges store - Suspension Pale, la précieuse - Naturel
Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - Naturel - @delphinequemestudio
Georges store - Suspension Pale, la précieuse - Naturel
Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - @decodeuse
The Pale Suspension, in its original and precious variants, is more than a light fixture: it's a statement of intent, a poem of lights and shadows, an indelible mark of Georges Store's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Invite history, art, and sophistication into your home with these unique pieces, and let the light tell its own story.
Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - @reserve_home
Suspension Pale, La Précieuse - Tilleul - @edaunell & Gandalf 
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