Beautiful addresses, I have lots of them in my notebooks and my memories. In my iPhone notes, my mapstr app, my memory boxes and my post-its stuck all over the house.
You often ask me for them, so what better way than to share them with you. To bring back memories
and maybe give you ideas for creating your own.

1. The Martin Brewery

The Martin brasserie in Paris, in the 11th. I often pass by it on my way to the store. It's a no-frills address with a large terrace, a nice atmosphere and friendly servers.
And above all, very good food on the plate! Traditional and homemade recipes. Simple and efficient. Little extra for grandma's crockery and ultra kitsch carafes. With a little luck, you will have the cat carafe.

A place to go with friends or for a romantic restaurant without any hassle.

24 Rue Saint-Ambroise, 75011 Paris.

2. The Sources of Caudalie

A little break in the vineyards a few minutes from Bordeaux! We went there one weekend in September. I loved the ultra rural location, the indoor pool of course, the small hot bath next to the outdoor pool and the Caudalie products in the bathroom. And then stroll through the vineyards and the vegetable garden.
Little favorite for the restaurant Le Lavoir. Bistronomic cuisine under a large glass roof - you know my passion for glass roofs - in a friendly atmosphere (in fact you can go there without necessarily spending the night there).

Smith Haut-Lafitte, 33650 Martillac.

3. The TeamLab exhibition in Tokyo

This time, I'm taking you to Tokyo. If you are planning to go there soon, don't miss the TeamLab expo. A real favorite ❤️

An immersive experience where all the senses are awakened. The motto of the exhibition: “Immerse your whole body, perceive with all your senses and become one with the world”, quite a program! You must also take off your shoes before starting. Once inside, you move from one world to another: roll up your pants to cross a waterfall, dive into a bath of giant bubbles, marvel in a flower garden... It felt like a waking dream.

Little advice: book in advance so as not to miss out!

4. The Mollat ​​Bookstore

Generally, I like small bookstores. The ones with creaky parquet floors and tall wooden ladders. Big brands aren't really my thing. Mollat, so I went a little backwards at the beginning when we were in Bordeaux a year ago. And then, I changed my mind.
Even though it's very big, there is a soul to the place. Thousands of books and little notes written by hand with bookstore reviews, just like the old fashioned way. I can spend hours there reading back covers…

Now every time you go to Bordeaux, it's a little ritual to go there. In addition, not very far away, there is Pascal’s dunes boutique.

15 Rue Vital Carles, 33000 Bordeaux.

5. The Garden 21

A Parisian address this time, before we fly to Vietnam tomorrow (and bring you other beautiful addresses!).
Le Jardin 21, on the banks of the Ourcq canal. Bohemian atmosphere, almost hippie at times... Fans of permaculture will be happy and children will be able to run around everywhere. To do with friends or with children during the day. There are lots of little activities organized for them. You can eat on the go with a nice street food menu, and you can spend the day chilling and drinking drinks in the sun. In the evening, they often organize small concerts too!

12/A Rue Ella Fitzgerald, 75019 Paris.