TRAVEL TO THE PHILIPPINES: Itineraries and favorites

This summer, head to the Philippines for adventure and a change of scenery. We like to slow down, take our time and enjoy the unexpected moments of the trip. Discover new horizons too, to come back ever more inspired. From walks in the rice fields to dives in the turquoise lagoons,
spent 4 weeks with our feet in the water from island to island.

Our itinerary:

- El Nido in Coron for its paradise islands
- Bohol for its rice fields and its calm
- Siquijor for its bohemian spirit
- Moalboal (Cebu) for wild waterfalls
- Manila for its old town

Our favorites :
- Go on a 4-day boat expedition between El Nido and Coron: heavenly spots just for us, Robinson-style nights on deserted islands and a caring crew - with Big Dream Boat Man
- Swim with turtles and schools of sardines
- Dive in the lagoons in Coron

From this trip we will remember: the smile of the Filipinos, the salt of the sea, the seabed, the lost beaches, the torrential rains, the blue of the water and the sky. A real little paradise.