From the Brittany region, Philippe and Arnaud imagined an atypical, aesthetic and ecological wine cellar in clay.
Influenced by both climate change and resource conservation, they work with respect for
the environment and
craftsmanship, following an ecological and responsible approach.

Meeting with the co-creator of Argicru, Arnaud

Who is hiding behind Argicru?

We are Philippe Josse and Arnaud Neveu, partners more than 10 years ago to develop raw earth products. Philippe has always been cradled in clay, of which he knows the many assets perfectly. I have another experience in the world of distribution and we thus form a very complementary duo.


What are your desires with Argicru?

At the end of 2013, we invented an ecological wine cellar in dried clay that we distribute under the Argicru brand. We use this abundant, French raw material to create a breathable “sarcophagus” of earth around the bottle. This will avoid what is most harmful to the wine: thermal shocks. Thanks to Argicru, we were awarded at the Lépine competition.

What are your inspirations?

Climate change and resource conservation have directly guided us to work the naturally dried land and use our local resources. With Argicru, we offer a 100% natural, effective, aesthetic and easily recyclable product!

Your favorite product?

It must be Argicru. It has challenged us since its first presentation. We want to introduce it to as many people as possible, we are regularly congratulated and encouraged for having created this product and it is very pleasant!

New projects soon?

Making Argicru a possible alternative choice for any electric wine cellar buyer. We also sell 250,000 a year in France! We also hold a patent for a partitioning brick for housing, still in raw earth, the principle being identical to Argicru. Maybe we can start marketing it? There are still many products to imagine.

What is your favorite room in the house?

I really like the kitchen, which for me is a place for sharing, whether it's cooking, having a coffee or a glass of wine while reinventing the world, a friendly place like the spirit of your House!

Your cute sin in decoration?

Succeeding in finding the right place for an object that speaks to us, like you, we very often change places of objects with more or less success, but I like the mix of styles.

Tell us about your latest decoration purchase?

An old rug. We like to put several in our interior. It's both graphic and very pleasant underfoot, soundproofing and what a demonstration of know-how!

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