Dans l'édition du mois d'avril de 91 Magazine, je vous raconte l'histoire de Nad Yut, les débuts de La Maison et toutes mes inspirations.



Dan Thuy Nguyen’s Parisian concept store, La Maison Nad Yut, acts as an extension of her own apartment, dedicated to beautiful items that recreate the ambience of an inviting home 

Tell us about your journey so far... 

My family comes from Brussels, and after graduating from business school, I wanted to try a new adventure. 
I arrived in Paris almost 15 years ago now and I haven’t left since. It’s a real crush! 

I started with a ‘normal’ job in consulting, helping retail and luxury companies with their strategy. After a few years, I decided to go on a six month trip by myself through Latin America and Asia. By the end, my desire to get out of the box caught up with me. I left my job at the time to start my own business. That was already 10 years ago! 

Why a lifestyle store?  

I’ve always been passionate about decoration and the art of living, and I wanted to go back to basics and create the house of my dreams: a cosy and different place, where life is good, imagined as a real house. Back in Paris, this desire grew and became obvious, and the idea of a private space - a soft and cocooning universe dedicated to the art of living - was born. 

When did homewares first spark joy for you? 

To feel good at home has always been a matter of course for me. Surrounding myself with beauty and creating a cosy place are things I have always done naturally, because the environment in which we live also influences our state of mind and our work. 

In your own words, what is Nad Yut?

Nad Yut is a concept dedicated to the art of living. Our desire is to slow down, surround ourselves with beautiful things and experience small pleasures on a daily basis. Our showroom is designed like a real house, and our e-shop also offers a selection of beautiful objects for the whole house and the family. 

How did you start out?

After creating two digital businesses, I wanted to slow down and realign myself with what I really loved. With my husband – who I had met during my first solo world tour – I decided to travel again for six months. It’s in these moments outside of the daily routine that ideas become clearer.  

Why did you chose this space?

I wanted a place where you could really feel at home. I set out to find an atypical place, representing a real flat with character, where you could express yourself. I didn’t want to be on the street so as not to distort the concept of a house. 

How was the space originally? 

Before we arrived, it was a place that offered yoga classes, but originally, it was a stable (a long time ago!). The columns and the floor are original, and it even still has the horse trough. When we arrived, we did a lot of work to rearrange the space to be like a real flat. But I wanted to keep the original spirit of the place. In the kitchen, we transformed the old trough into a sink. 

What made you fall in love with Paris?

The energy of Paris and its atmosphere. Its cafés, its streets, its beautiful buildings. There are always new things to discover - even after more than 10 years here, I’m still amazed by its beauty! 

Tell us about your collections...

Our selection evolves with the days, my encounters and my favourites. You will find a soft mix of functional design and vintage; unique pieces and small collections selected with care; small, trendy brands that I love; exclusive collaborations with artists, craftsmen and ceramicists.

What's the best thing about running a shop?

Creating your own world and meeting your customers. Knowing that they find inspiration in the shop to recreate a soothing place in their homes where they feel good makes me very happy. 

How do you incorporate your positive vibes into running your business?  

Every day I get up and say to myself that I love what I do and that I am completely aligned with my job. The shop itself is already a reflection of what I want to create, so it’s always easy to work hard, and transmit the motivation to the team and the vision to the clients. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a career of passion?

Find something you like so much that you are willing to do it for free... until you get paid to do it. Starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint, remember that. Hence the importance of loving what you do and sticking with it. 

What's up next?

New projects are coming up this year! We’re developing the concept around the different rooms in the house to create new experiences. We’re creating real living spaces where you can have a coffee, enjoy a relaxing moment, or even spend the night, defining our own brand with a selection of objects for the home. And maybe, a new house in Brussels... who knows!
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