Poster - Marion Livran, One + One = Three

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Through striking monochromes, she invites us to reconnect with the elements, to discover our own light, and above all to reveal the divine part that lies dormant in each of us.

The vibrant shades and fine details immerse us in a world of grace and balance.

Entitled “One + One = Three it is the work of the artist Marion Livran .


M: 30x40 cm
L: 50x70cm
250g paper

The artist

Marion Livran's art is raw, primary, elementary. With powerful monochromes, she invites us to reconnect with the elements, to find our light and above all to express the part of divinity that is hidden within us.

Using the technique of engraving on linoleum, she sketches between empty and full, white and color, water and sand. A great romantic in search of herself, she invents, reinvents and questions herself with intelligence and maturity in her linoleum engravings.

The brand

PSTR Studio is a collective of artists and designers specializing in creating posters and graphic art.

Known for its modern, minimalist approach, PSTR Studio combines contemporary design techniques with varied artistic influences to produce unique pieces. Their catalog includes an extensive range of visuals, from stylized cityscapes to abstract and typographic interpretations, aiming to bring a touch of elegance and character to any interior space.

With an emphasis on quality, PSTR Studio uses premium materials for its prints, ensuring durability and satisfaction for collectors and art lovers.

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