Oustao is the story of a return to natural materials, manual trades, their region and its stories, and quality and sustainability.

Oustao draw their inspiration from their Mediterranean origins. Each of their collections is a sweet blend of tradition and modernity, originality and timelessness. Their objects are handcrafted in an artisanal way in their French and Portuguese workshops. The irregularities that make their objects unique are thus the reflection of exceptional manual work.

Oustao is also a story of friendship between Laura and Léa. Both from La Ciotat, a pretty town near Marseille. The Oustao universe is in their image, but also in the image of a generation that wants to give meaning to its daily life and take the time to live, create, share.

Transparency, authenticity and sustainability are all they wanted to value by creating Oustao. They work in accordance with their values ​​and take pleasure in transmitting them.